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Annual Board Meeting

March 1 2015

   Eagle Point Bay (EPB) members are encouraged to attend the Annual Board Meeting on Saturday March 1 2015.  New board members will be elected for the 2015-2016 cycle. This meeting is open to all EPB members to vote for new board and to affect changes to board membership and EPB policy.  

   Only four EPB Members have agreed to serve (see below).  The board requires 7 members.  Please consider serving and encourage others to serve on this important volunteer service to our lake community.  

   The current nominees for board membership are listed below:

Debbie Asaturian

Char Cool

Perry Young

Alice Siedler


For the latest information on happenings in Eagle Point Bay read a copy of our January 2015 News Letter here. 

You will find it useful for current information about events at Eagle Point Bay. You can find the minutes of the November 2014 meeting here.  A list of all board minutes is here.  If you are not receiving a newsletter you are missing lots of fun activities. Become a member by filling out an application or calling the number at the bottom of this page.  

Armen Asaturian  -  Pres
Ted Amigdalos  - VP
Sharon Hughes  - Sec
John Wachsmuth  - Treas

Debbie Asaturian
Jim Cool
Lyle Landstrom
Chad Mullholand
Gary Nuernberger
Pat Sherman
Sherry Sullivan
Patsy Vanseghi

Annual Board Meeting 

Park 1 Boat Ramp Closed for Major Ramp Repair

   Park One is temporarily closed to rebuild the boat loading ramp.   Boat launchers are asked to use other ramps for the next few weeks while contractor equipment is in place. The park gate will be chained and locked to protect heavy equipment and for member safety.  

   Lyle Lyndstrom an EPBA board volunteer responsible for a number of recent dock repair projects, reported that the concrete section of the ramp cracked during the past dry spell causing difficulty and possible damage to boats and injury to people using the ramp.  The repair work will require breaking and hauling away the old concrete and replacing 280 sq feet of new 6 inch concrete slab as well as 8 tons of new rock.  

  The total cost of the project could reach $7,000 and is major expense for the Association. Upkeep and repairs to Association property are primarily funded from Association dues.   Current and prospective members are asked to complete and submit their 2015 applications and fees to help with this and other community projects.  

  The board will announce the completion of the ramp upgrade.  Depending on the weather, Park One and the rebuilt ramp should be ready for late spring use.  

Any questions call Lyle Lyndstrom at 815-584-7410.

Building Use Policy

On August 2nd , the Board of Directors adopted a Building Use Policy. Briefly, the policy states:

Free use of the building will be accorded to organizations which 

- submit a document stating their composition and purpose to the Board

 - have at least 60% paid EPBA members

guarantee open enrollment to all EPBA members

- be approved by the Board. 

Click here for a complete copy of the Building Use Policy.  It is a pdf document and may be downloaded.  

EPBA Volunteers build New Dock Ramp

Lyle Landstrom, Chair of the EPB Docks Committee shows EPBA President Armen Asaturian and Past President Ted Amigdalos the work done at Park 2.  Lyle point out the work was a result of many volunteers this spring.  Many board members visited several problem areas after the board meeting on May 3rd.  The past winter snow and rains will require park and beach erosion repair.  The board has several additional projects in planning to prepare the parks before the Memorail Day holiday opening.  

Support your Eagle Point Bay Association.  

80 Spring Cove Drive 

A community Meeting Place

Your Eagle Point Bay  Association building is used for many community events.  It is open most Saturday mornings for those who want to join, pay dues, ask for information and often for breakfast snacks and fellowship.  Members may schedule the building for parties, reunions or other events. Why not start a special interest group, book club, craft club, DVD watching club.  The EPB Board is interested in your ideas.  The building can be made available for any board approved group that is open to all members.  Just let us know.

  • Click here to view and print a membership application.  
  • Telephone:  618-995-2887 Or 618 995-2367
  • Or visit the Association Building on most Saturday Mornings between 10 and 12 O'clock

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The Eagle Point Bay Association is a not-for-profit organization that represents the common interests of its membership.  Members must be property owners in the Eagle Point Bay subdivision located in Johnson County, Illinois, on Lake of Egypt in the Southern part of Illinois.  The Association plans and implements activities related to the health, safety and quality of life of its members; and strives to promote a sense of community spirit among all residents and property owners in Eagle Point Bay.

Not a member?  Please join us to help us improve our community and gain access to our parks and boat launch.  Click here to download a Membership Application or visit our meeting place below on Saturday morning to join. 

Your Association . . .
Sucessfully lobbyed Johnson County officials to improve our roads. . . Again!
Replaced a ramp in Park 2 at a cost of $7,093
Spends more than $5,000 each year on parks and beach maintenance 
Depends on Volunteers to clean prepare the parks and beach  for the summer season

Asks members to help secure the beach by keeping the gates closed and locked.
Pays more than $3,400 in insurance each year
Your membership fee helps maintain its parks, programs, and lobbying efforts
Please help by joining or renewing your membership now!  And invite your friends to join.

Upcoming Events

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